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Sep 5, 2012 5:30pm EDT
. the army chief of staff sent the prisoner was confident he would have a fair trial. libya can still be chaotic. in the violence before just a year ago, he slipped away. , nowd the colonel's son also in custody, awaiting trial. in 2009, states welcomed by the convicted lockerbie bomber when he was in a scottish jail. he is believed to be one of the masterminds behind the attack. gaddafi went from a pariah to the new and useful ally after a deal to come in from the cold. the intelligence chief was the key figure in the security cooperation that followed a. >> he would know a huge amount of what was going on. they have report coming out tomorrow. the involvement of the u.s. and also the u.k., sending them back to libya where many were tortured. that information needs to come around. >> he was one of gaddafi's closest associates. he also presumably knows a lot about dealings with the intelligence service in london and washington. some of that information could be politically embarrassing to western countries the have been close to colonel gaddafi. he is also wanted for a massacre in 199
Sep 4, 2012 6:30pm PDT
say syria could go the way of egypt and libya should assad be toppled and want to see a state centered on islam. here is a look at some of the forces on the syrian national council and their priorities. >> the syrian opponents are united by wanting to see assad go, but that's about as far as it goes. they are divided into several groups with a variety of strategies on how to force the president from office. for instance, there is the syrian national council. this group brings together mostly exiled conservative liberal and islamist opponents of the regime. the international community considers the syrian national council to be the main voice of the opposition. it is represented in berlin for a long time that diplomacy and -- back to diplomacy and sanctions, but now it supports tougher measures. >> we are convinced that only foreign military intervention will lead to a quick resolution in syria. >> in contrast, the national coordination committee opposes army intervention. the head of the group of leftist parties are active in syria has few supporters. change has to come from within as
Sep 4, 2012 8:00pm PDT
, and now libya and come back and be the same person, is not realistic. we're here to make sure that woman veteran knows how to get to the va, how to find a professional who can help her with whatever issues she has, whether it's needing counseling, or therapy, or to take care of her physical ailments. we're an organization is made up of female veterans, we understand what they're going through, what they've been through, and who better to help you than that type of organization? the way we provide assistance to women veterans is, foremost, is ourselves. so as women veterans, we're connecting with the other female veteran and trying to help them figure out which is the best approach to solve their problem. and then, when you pick up the phone, if you've been to afghanistan ... i've got somebody who's been to afghanistan. you want to talk about iraq? i've got three iraqi veterans. you want to talk about the vietnam era? i've got one of those. you want to talk about desert storm? i've got a gal that's done that. a couple of us were at kosovo. we actually have online support that's available
Sep 5, 2012 1:00am PDT
. libya. he's a good foreign policy president. jimmy carter, the camp david agreements, talking about peace and human rights, i think gives that strong validation to president obama's foreign policy. >> i think that was very important. because governor romney made a very good speech. but the weakest part of his speech was foreign policy. iran, russia, if i'm an independent voter, i'm saying what in god's name is he talking about? >> we'll come back after the short break with two people to talk about the teddy kennedy tribute video. one is his son and one is his nephew. >>> joining me now, senator kennedy's son patrick kennedy, also former congressman from rhode island. and mark shriver, senior vice president of save the children and author of trediscovering my father. welcome to all three of you. boiling hot. what will that be? is there something wrong with me? it's just the heat. i've got this red english head. very moving, i thought, the tribute to your father. what did you make of it watching from wherever you were in the convention hall? >> well, it was bittersweet. one because he
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Sep 5, 2012 12:00pm PDT
it in the libya operation. if iraq wanted to deny iran airspace it would not be a huge deal by the standards of the international community or how these kind of things work. as you know, iraq is won by a shia majority government. they are worried about being -- seeing president assad fall to insurgents in syria. they see this as a matter of national survival. that's probably why they willing to tolerate this overflight. >>shepard: is it fair to say that this began as sort of a people's uprising and switched to a bit a civil war, and, now, could be considered a religious conflict? >>guest: well, on the last point, sectarian religious part is based on the knick -- ethnic differences, the shia here, they have certain ethnic differences from other syrian groups. yes, i am just sort of adding nuance, there is a strong divide here, the shia in syria are the minority, the opposite of iraq, and they are in power assad sad was the minority sunni in iraq until he was overthrown back in 2003 so it is the reverse image of iraq and you have a lot of the same kind of potential for an ugly sectarian and re
Sep 5, 2012 4:00pm PDT
about starting wars on six fronts, basically. he wished we had gotten out front in libya, had taken stronger action in iran, he said we should be out front in syria, tougher on afghanistan in staying longer and also in iraq. we should be more confrontational with the russians and with the chinese. what does that mean to talk like that? >> well, i think it's actually dangerous discussion. what we need to do is to work across the board with countries in order to lower the threats of force. we always keep every option on the table. but the idea that we would get ourselves involved in more of these issues, and if you remember, chris, former secretary of defense, bob gates said that any secretary of defense or president that was prepared to start another war should have his head examined. >> i'm with him. thank you. the great madeleine albright, thank you for coming to us. let's get back to rachel. >> appreciate that. thank you. coming uch, if there's one thing that i know well from personal family experience, it's that you do not mess with nuns under any circumstances. sister simone cam
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)